Brandon LaChance

Profile: Brandon

Born: 1995

Residence: PDX

Fave Park: Gabriel Skatepark, SW PDX

Disciplines: Hill bombs, flat ground and small transition

Daily Driver: 

Profile: Wardy

Born: 1964

Residence: PDX

Fave Park: Scotts Valley, CA

Disciplines: Old-school bowl riding, transition and some downhill

Daily Driver: Lipstick 9x32, Grant Taylor Hollow 159s with Bones Tiles 56mm/81Bs

Dartmouth Pool after it was rebuilt.
(Not before we got it first!)

Berkeley Hills Dartmouth Pool – 06/1995

I present to you the Dartmouth Pool. Circa 1995 after the Oakland hills fire my surf and skate buddies and I sleuthed out our own pool. This was before skateparks so the only place to learn to bowl ride was a backyard quarter pipe, drainage ditches like the infamous Gateway or places like tennis courts with little banks. Using our years of surfing experience we actually learned how to bowl ride here. Both sports share the same rush and I have been in love with carving the water or cement wave ever since!
1982 Scirocco
Town & Country deck
Tracker xtracks
Powell Peralta wheels
Featuring Matt, Bruce & Ward

Best of summer 2017 skate clips.

Best of summer 2017 skating clips

Featuring a few select local west coast rippers. 

New Faces of the Old School

Old school skaters in their forties and fifties are resurfacing at skateparks all up and down the west coast. They are not only making a comeback but are educating the kids on a range of things such as what it takes to keep skating forever and how to frickin' carve the bowl.