Swift Fest 2019.
A quick edit from this years contest.

Massive Swell of April 5th & 6th 2019.
Just had to go last weekend to check out this 20+ foot every 17 seconds swell that had been forecast. Knew it was a long shot to get any rideable waves but had to check! It wanted to go so bad but the wind and tide just weren’t working together. However, what Oregon lacks in the surf arena it makes up in shear beauty and old-school out west ruggedness. Check out that last one - would’ve been worth the gnarly paddle just to get it.

World Daughter’s Day 2018.
To my daughter Deborah - the best thing to ever happen in my life! In celebration of World Daughter's Day I thank you so much for being my surf and skate partner over the years. It was scary and rough at times but you always pulled through like a champ and as a byproduct have seen things most other people may never see. This girl is on fire! Calabasas Lincoln City Crescent City Malibu Santa Cruz Deb & Gerr - Nelscott Deb & Dad - Pacific City Waimea Kilauea Lahaina

Interview with founder and designer of Iliffe Truck Company, Bill Iliffe.
Bill is an amazing guy who has helped to progress the sport of skating to a new level. His trucks are super light and very strong but most importantly they have modern engineering underneath them.

Bill Iliffe and James, summer 2017.
Caught up with Bill Iliffe at Gabriel Skatepark with his friend James for a sesh on their summer skate trip.

International Surfing Day 2018.
A few photos to celebrate International Surfing Day! Secret spot Ocean Beach, SF Nelscott Reef Pacific City Mói, Ocean Beach Surfrider Hookipa Secret Spot Cape Kiwanda

Summer Surf and Skate Tour 2018.
Eugene Skatepark 23,000 sq. ft. Dreamland 2014 12’ Vert/Mickey Mouse Pocket This is the one park I did not deem a success for myself. The concrete is so slippery like glass (reminds me of Derby in SC) that I found it really hard to skate. Need some softer durometer wheels for sure but it just proves to myself that I really have to get out like I am and skate other parks to truly progress. Any time I tried to hit the the top my back wheels would give out (you can see it in the vid) and I would bail. This last one hurt pretty bad actually. Reedsport/Lions Park 13,000 sq. ft. Airspeed 2003 18’ from top of funnel to bottom of bowl (Can’t verify) This park is nothing short of insane. Has a little of everything with a pyramid, hips, bowls and insane funnel with grind rail on top. Really had to up my game and deal with more speed than usual. Lately I’ve been trying to take a tighter arc on the wall so I can not only get higher but do it in a smaller space. As well, practicing kick turns high up for super tight transitions. I was loving going down the opening shoot, up the side of the funnel, then into the bowl and up the wall which is at 12’ at least but not really sure. Coos Bay/Mingus 3,000 sq. ft. Grindline 2009 16’ of Vert? (Can’t verify)/Mickey Mouse Pocket Just another series of super gnar parks on the coast (Brookings to come…) Two nice bowls with pool coping only which was sweet because it forced me to get over my fear of tail dropping from cement. I like to lock my tail in before going but with pool coping I feel like I’m slipping over and in. Fuck it – went for it and the shadow tells the story that there ain’t no easy way into this bowl. These parks are pretty heavy duty and had to have been designed by people who like to surf big waves and skate huge walls. I’m down with that as it forces me to progress so I can eventually take on any bowl at any park. More skate and surf vid from my tour coming including an interview with Bill Iliffe of Iliffe trucks and some locals ripping up their own parks. Hit up a new skatepark in Walnut Creek, California just outside my home town. I found it to be pretty epic with something for everyone and room for a crowd. It has a super fun little upper run with a volcano and two lips. I was able to practice my work on transitioning uneven surfaces and it turned out to just be a killer little obstacle course. There is an upper part not shown with two camel humps that you can pump over for max speed. Heather Farms Skatepark Walnut Creek, California Size: ??,??? sq. ft. (Can’t confirm) Built by Purkiss-Rose 20?? (Can’t confirm) Ahh Brookings – hit this park once before but didn’t really have the time to spend to check it out. This time I got a good skate in and interviewed a couple of locals and took a little vid. Ethan and Tyler respectively ripping at home. Having a really hard time confirming information on these parks I have been visiting. I called Dreamland and they say the back wall is 8’. SkateOregon has it at 10’. The locals say 15’. I’m sorry but there is no way that back wall is only 8 feet, I have stood at the bottom of 5 different vert. parks in the last couple of weeks and I would estimate a minimum 13’ to 15’. Check out the shot of the wall I through in and tell me your gonna tail drop that mother. Kirtsis Skatepark, Brookings, Oregon 10,000 sq. ft. Built by Dreamland 2001 Surfing. Looking for waves during the summer on the northern west coast is pretty much a crap shoot. The gulf of Alaska is dormant for the season and it is too far up to get any real south swell action. You have to rely on wind swell and the occasional freak summer ground swell. I know SC has been good on and off but it takes a south unlike other spots. It really pays off to check every nook and cranny as you never know what spot might be taking something in. Battlerock was flat but traveling north Humbug Point and Wilson Creek had a little some-pin some-pin to offer. Can’t ever seem to get footage of myself as there is never anyone willing to shoot. I’ve taken to setting up my tripod and leaving my camera to film while I surf. Haven’t gotten anything good yet as most spots are way out there but here if you look close you can see me pull into a right and get a little head dipper. Hit me up if anyone wants to surf this fall and take turns shooting vid. In order of appearance: Oregon: Battlerock Secret Spot Humbug Point Wilson Creek California: Secret Spot Montara Secret Spot Eel River, Garberville CA Half Pipe in the middle of the road, Half Moon Bay, CA Skate Deck Van, Exploratorium, SF, CA Surf Bench with skate stoppers (how ironic) Santa Cruz Boardwalk, CA Arinell Pizza in Berkeley, CA – Have been skating there for a slice since I was 12 and it’s still frickin’ there. Awesome!!!

Berkeley Hills Dartmouth Pool – 1995.
The Dartmouth Pool. Circa June 1995 after the Oakland hills fire my surf and skate buddies and I sleuthed out our own pool. This was before skateparks so the only place to learn to bowl ride was a backyard quarter pipe, drainage ditches like the infamous Gateway or places like tennis courts with little banks. Using our years of surfing experience we actually learned how to bowl ride here. Both sports share the same rush and I have been in love with carving the water or cement wave ever since!
1982 Scirocco
Town & Country Deck
Tracker X-tracks with Powell Peralta Wheels
Featuring Matt, Bruce & Ward

Malibu southern hemisphere swell April 2000.
(Sorry for the poor quality.) Surfrider was rarely our spot to surf due to the crowds and longboard scene except when the swell was a direct hit and firing - then you just had to paddle. A crash course, pun intended, on shortboarding da' bu'.

The Madness Goya.
After nearly a year of searching a dozen shops up and down the west coast for the perfectly shaped deck, I finally found it right here in town at Cal Skate. For the last couple of years I've been trying out different sized and shaped decks which has led me to the decision to go back to my roots with an old-school shape.

Santa Cruz-er Fund Board Build.
After more than a year I finally got my Santa Cruz-er just perfect. 9.5x36 inch deck, Indy 215s with Indy low conical bushings, Psycho 1/2” soft risers and Kryptonics StarTrac 60mm 86a. This board is so fast and carvy and lays down killer slides. Epic summer fun

Freak summer swell and super warm beach weather 2018.
80 degrees out in LC, 88 in PC. Freak summer swell. Firing outside sets with smoking inside barrels. Gotta love it when everything falls into alignment. Clips: Gleneden Beach – Secret spot – Road's End – Cape Kiwanda Another secret spot I've been watching for years now and the sandbars are just about right for Fall surf. Check out the right, this mother stands up and throws.

Best of summer 2017 skating clips.
Featuring a few select local west coast rippers.

Wardy best of Summer 2018 skating clips.

If skateboarding is a crime, then I'm a "bank" robber.
A few local heists.

Carving the wave cement or ocean is what it’s all about for me! Gabe’s has an epic flow!

2005 & 2008 Nelscott Reef Big Wave Tow-in contests.
It’s as if the Reef knew it was contest day and decided to throw out quite possibly the biggest, cleanest and most perfect waves ever surfed in Oregon. The 2005 Nelscott Reef Big Wave Tow-In contest finally put Oregon on the map as a surf destination. Epic surf proved to an assortment of west coast pros and in 2008 an international crew, that the PNW may truly have something to offer. Few people realize this competition was the first big wave tow-in contest ever to be held on the Mainland.